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7 Tips for Reducing Dust in Your House

Leah Kennelly


Household dust is a surprising source of contaminants, and we should all give it more attention. Allergens, mold, lead, flame retardants and a plethora of other things we don’t want to inhale all end up as dust in our homes (even if you don’t have this things in your house specifically, they are still being tracked in by your clothes from elsewhere.) Here are several ways to manage dust effectively, and you’ll have the double benefit of a healthier home and one that is also a lot cleaner:

1. Take off shoes before coming inside (I know I’m a broken record on this, but most people still ignore this massively important practice!).

2. Have a well-sealed HVAC system with appropriately high MERV filter.

3. Have Austin Air filters sufficient for the home (DM me for a discount and to know how many are right for you).

4. Use a HEPA-sealed vacuum like Miele C3 (a HEPA bag alone is fairly useless - if the unit is not HEPA-sealed, your vacuum is likely just dousing your home in whatever you are vacuuming up via air leaks in the unit.) Go to to the Homekeeping section on my web site to see which Miele I have.

5. Wet dust all surfaces (just a cloth damp with water only) at least weekly. Feather dusters merely spread the dust elsewhere.

6. Wet mop after vacuuming.

7. Keep an uncluttered home and don’t “store” stuff on the floor (this needs more explanation - a good post for another day).

We are fortunate enough to have cleaning help three out of four weeks every month. I use the fourth week as an opportunity to do super deep cleaning myself - including vacuuming all baseboards, window sills and under all of the furniture (yes, I move ALL of it!) It’s an oddly satisfying task and one I look forward to.